Some Things that you Must Know About the Full-Face Mask and the Traditional Mask

When you are just new in snorkeling and you are looking for such piece of equipment, then there are a few things that you must know about the full-face snorkel masks versus the traditional snorkel masks. With this, you will be able to select the most fantastic snorkel mask that will fit your needs. When you are one long-time snorkeler, with the right gear that you have actually invested in and also worn on the different adventures, you might be a little iffy regarding the new equipment. And such is understandable. With such said, you think it is really fair to try those new things, click here.

There is difference in breathing with the full-face mask and the traditional mask. With the bubble that is central to such design of the full-face snorkel mask, this would let you breathe from the nose and also your mouth while you stay underwater. Such would make the breathing much easier and also more comfortable and relaxing for those who are not able to handle such breathing mechanism on those traditional snorkels. Just to keep you reminded, the traditional snorkel masks just let you breathe through the mouth and this may cause discomfort as well as panic in some individuals.

Such space-age bubbles come with other benefits to provide and this would allow for a 180-degree field of vision which gives you much better views over such traditional goggles. With such flat lens, then the full-face mask would also provide less distorted image, which opens you up to such whole new world. It is similar to going from that standard definition to an HD.

A big issue that people also have with the traditional snorkels is that old cough n' sport. You must know that when water would go inside the snorkel tube and make you choke on the saltiness. If it is not on this then it is water inside the goggles. That full face snorkel mask would combat this problem with such dry stop system preventing water from going into the snorkel. Basically, the ball which is sitting at the top of the tube would automatically seal the air valve so the water won't get through.

There are certainly differences, advantages and disadvantages, that you will notice from using the full-face snorkel masks and the traditional snorkel masks. The choice would be up to your preference. Check out and  view here for more info.

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